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  • LED Head Lamp

    LED Head Lamp

    Compact, and intense LED headtorch with three light setting more settings. The ideal companion for outdoor activities such as camping, caving and ...

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  • Carabiner Bungee Strap 150cm

    Carabiner Bungee Strap 150cm

    These handy Carabiner Bungee Straps are suitable for a wide range of uses and have a maximum stretch of one metre with a maximum load weight of 25k...

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  • Adult Hooded Poncho

    Adult Hooded Poncho

    This Adult Poncho is lightweight and waterproof making it ideal for camping, festivals and outdoor activities. Each waterproof poncho is constructe...

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  • LED Hanging Tent Light 12 x 5cm

    LED Hanging Tent Light 12 x 5cm

    This camping light is constructed from lightweight ABS material a durable and strong material.  The bulb shape light features a hanging hook makin...

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  • LED Ultra Bright Torch with Clip Strip

    LED Ultra Bright Torch with Clip Strip

    Ultra bright LED torch, great for everyday and outdoor use.  The compact torch measures 8.6 x 2.5cm and features an accessible screw-top lid with ...

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  • Aluminium Bottle 800ml

    Aluminium Bottle 800ml

    Lightweight aluminium bottle, great for keeping hydrated during long walks, hiking and during any sports.  Well designed with a rubber seal that m...

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  • Electric Air Pump

    Electric Air Pump

    This electric Air pump inflates and deflates inflatable items with a 240v power adapter. Each set comes with three different nozzles small for ite...

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  • Portable Handi-Lite Lantern PDQ
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    Portable Handi-Lite Lantern PDQ

    The ideal lantern for camping, festivals, and late-night walks, this fantastic portable handi-lite lantern features a bright LED light.  Each ligh...

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  • Foot Pump 5L

    Foot Pump 5L

    Five-litre foot pump, ideal for pumping small through to large inflatables. Each foot pump is easy to use and is supplied with three sizes of valv...

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  • Single Flocked Air Bed

    Single Flocked Air Bed

    Easy to use single airbed, with a soft flocked finish for comfortable sleeping. Perfect for camping trips or occasional home use. The double-flock...

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