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Planters & Trellis

Our range of Planter and Trellis
  • Stepped Herb Planter

    Stepped Herb Planter

    Size: W x D x H 0.83m x 0.96m x 0.85m Frame: 45mm x 70mm Timber: 87mm x 20mm T&G: 18mm Pressure Treated

  • Sleeper Raised Bed

    Sleeper Raised Bed

    1.80m x 0.45m x 0.45m Fascia: 60mm x 25mm Sides: 100mm x 30mm Pressure Treated 

  • Deep Root Planter 1M

    Deep Root Planter 1M

    Size: W x D x H 1.0m x 0.70m x 0.80m  Timber Sides: 18mm Legs: 75mm x 22mm Top Trim: 75mm x 22mm Pressure Treated Growing Depth: 380mm Approx.

  • Fan Trellis

    Fan Trellis

     Size W x H  0.43m x 0.91m Battens: 32mm × 16mm Pressure Treated

  • County Square Trellis

    County Square Trellis

    Size W x H  1.83m x 1.22m Laths: 30mm × 12mm par Spacing: 65mm average Pressure Treated