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Signature Flame Tower Patio Heater


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An ancient shape benefiting from modern styling and built from glittering stainless steel, the Signature Flame Tower Patio Heater will be a conspicuous contemporary presence in any garden.

Sure to establish itself as a remarkably fascinating focal point with a flame effect circulating around the glass quartz tube, the Signature heater from Outback is also very practical with heat radiating through 360°, so there'll definitely not be any cold spots on your patio.

Propane provides the fuel, and the gas bottle is concealed at the base. Depending on the prevailing conditions, you'll find the output easy to manage, and there's a safety switch in case bad weather or an accident tilts the pyramid over.

Heater Features:

  • Electronic Ignition
  • Gas Bottle Housing
  • 13kW Power
  • 360° Heating Experience
  • Safety Mesh
  • Glass Quartz Tube
  • Adjustable Heat Control
  • Anti Tilt Switch For Safety
  • Suitable For Use With Propane Gas

Heater Dimensions:

  • Height: 227cm (7ft 5ins)
  • Width: 73cm (2ft 5ins)
  • Depth: 73cm (2ft 5ins)

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